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What activities are available at Destination Ayeyarwady?
Destination Ayeyarwady seeks to immerse you, the visitor, in a cultural experience of Myanmar village life. For some, this could be very simple, for example, a tour of the village and a lunch in the visitor centre.
However, for most others, it will include an opportunity to experience the life of a fisherman/ woman by learning to cast a fishing net or joining a morning fishing trip. It could also include learning to cook traditional Myanmar food, taking a walk to Khathin pagoda, or observing the making of traditional crafts.
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River activities
These include learning how to cast a net.  To maintain their cultural traditions and provide extra income for their families, the fishermen/women of the Hsithe village are delighted to teach you how to cast a net. 
They use special, smaller casting nets. First, you will practice on dry land before going out in a fishing boat to try the real thing in a very shallow area of the Ayeyarwady River. No previous experience is needed. Life jackets are provided.
River activities continued
Alternatively,or in addition to learning to fish, you can join a morning or evening fishing trip with the villagers on the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River.
This is a beautiful experience and provides an opportunity not just to watch the fishermen/ women in action but also the wonderful wildlife. It is great for photography.
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Village tour
If you are interested to learn more about life in Hsithe village, this is a perfect tour. You will see first-hand how this rural community lives.
You will visit the monastery; you will learn about peanut farming and the planting of paddy rice. Maybe you want a quick haircut? Why not call in at the local, friendly, gentlemen's barber? You will enjoy the beauty of simple village architecture. Everywhere you will meet friendly villagers going about their work.
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Learn to cook

Why not relive your trip to Myanmar when you get home with some of its tastes and flavours?
Here is an opportunity to learn how to cook delicious Myanmar food, including 

  • Myanmar traditional pork curry (this could also be made with chicken, beef or lamb)

  • Long bean (green bean) salad

  • Pumpkin soup

  • Tomato-onion lemon salad

What a unique experience, a cooking class on the banks of the mighty Ayeyarwady River.

Walk to Khathin Pagoda - harvesting rice
Walk to Khathin pagoda

If you look across the river from Hsithe, you will see a golden pagoda on top of a forested hill. Why not have an enjoyable morning, and get some exercise, by visiting the pagoda? Guided by a villager, you will cross the Ayeyarwady River by boat and walk to Khathin, a village where for generations, the local community has made clay water pots. En route you will observe many different farming activities and from the top of the hill, you will have views to Hsithe, to Singu and to the Shan Mountains behind.



Ma Hnin Witt Yee, Project Reservations Manager, Yangon on 09 250 640 728 or email