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The development  of the destinations is part of a community-conservation project funded by the UK's Darwin Initiative. It is a partnership between the Myanmar non-profit organisations 'Grow Back for Posterity' and Myanmar Bird and Nature Society and the UK's Harrison Institute. The project has also received valuable support from the University of Mandalay.

Learn to fish
To maintain their cultural traditions and provide extra income for their families, the fishermen and fisherwomen of the Hsithe and Myitkangyi villages are delighted 
to teach visitors how to cast a net, both on land and in a boat.

The villagers have made special smaller casting nets for the tourists to use. They are considerably lighter 
than the traditional 9 kg nets but operate in the same manner. They are suitable for men and women of any age.

Tourists practice first on dry land before going out in a fishing boat to try the real thing in a very shallow area of the Ayeyarwady River. No previous experience is needed. Although initially it may appear to be a challenge nearly everyone can become a 'reasonably accomplished novice' in  a one hour session and most become addicted to trying to perfect their technique.
Learning to fish in Myitkangyi, Myanmar
Learning to fish in Myitkangyi, Myanmar


Ma Hnin Witt Yee, Project Reservations Manager, Yangon on 09 250 640 728 or email

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