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The development  of the destinations is part of a community-conservation project funded by the UK's Darwin Initiative. It is a partnership between the Myanmar non-profit organisations 'Grow Back for Posterity' and Myanmar Bird and Nature Society and the UK's Harrison Institute. The project has also received valuable support from the University of Mandalay.

Village tours
If you are interested in learning more about life in the village, this one hour tour is perfect for you. You will see first-hand how the fishing and farming communities live. You will  visit the monastery and learn about peanut farming and the planting of paddy rice. Maybe you want a quick haircut? Why not call in at the local friendly barber? You will enjoy the beauty of simple village architecture. Everywhere you will meet friendly villgers as they go about their work.


Ma Hnin Witt Yee, Project Reservations Manager, Yangon on 09 250 640 728 or email

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