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The development  of the destinations is part of a community-conservation project funded by the UK's Darwin Initiative. It is a partnership between the Myanmar non-profit organisations 'Grow Back for Posterity' and Myanmar Bird and Nature Society and the UK's Harrison Institute. The project has also received valuable support from the University of Mandalay.

Further information about the destinations
The two destinations, Myitkangyi (Myit Kan Gyi) and Hsithe, are situated on the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River within the 'Irrawaddy Dolphin Protected Area'. They are 45 and 60 km north of Mandalay, respectively.
The destinations can be visited by cruise boat from Mandalay or as one day trips by car and small boat from Mandalay.
By car and small boat from Mandalay
For Myit Kan Gyi (22° 21.100’N, 96° 00.400’E), travel by car via Sagaing to Kanphyu, near Sheinmaga (approx. 2 hours), meet the Myit Kan Gyi boat at the jetty,  and head upstream to the village (approx. 35 minutes).  The return journey is about 10 minutes quicker since the boat is travelling downstream.
For Hsithe (22° 13.437’N, 96° 01.098’E), travel by car to Singu (approx. 2 hours), meet the Hsithe village boat at the jetty and head down stream to Hsithe (approx. 30  minutes).  The return journey is about 15 minutes slower since the boat is travelling upstream.
By cruise boat
Both Myitkangyi and Hsithe are accessible by cruise boat. Cruise boats can anchor opposite the destinations or tie up to the bank alongside the villages. For example, Bagan Flotilla offer bespoke dedicated cruises to the destinations.
To reach Myitkangyi takes about 5 hours upstream from Mandalay. The return journey is quicker (travelling downstream) and is approximately 3 hours.
To reach Hsithe takes an extra 3 hours from Myitkangyi (ie 8 hours from Mandalay) and approximately 5 hours downstream to Mandalay. Kyaukmyaung is approximately one hour 10 minutes north of Hsithe (less than one hour downstream from Kyaukmyaung to Hsithe).
All timings are dependent on the speed of the boat (maybe our boat was a bit slow!).


Ma Hnin Witt Yee, Project Reservations Manager, Yangon on 09 250 640 728 or email

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